Managing Pressure

How to change stress from a hindrance, obstacle or weakness to being your superpower

Format: Action-packed 90 minutes, instructor-led in a classroom for up to 20 people.

Business benefits:

  • Productivity – help employees better manage their workload based on business goals

  • Culture – create a more positive and productive balance.

  • Stress – improve overall wellbeing and openness about managing pressure.

  • Flexibility – enhanced flexibility in managing tasks and working patterns.

Not all pressure is bad—  it helps us meet deadlines and grow as a person. But when we feel that the situation outweighs our ability to deal with it, then we have a problem.

Top 5 delegate benefits:

  • Learn to recognise the signs of positive and negative pressure.

  • Feel able to work effectively under pressure.

  • Be able to negotiate and influence your workload.

  • Find out how to use techniques for instant stress relief.

  • Create a personal strategy for dealing with pressure and demands.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

(Winston Churchill)

Managing Pressure Workshop

What’s included:

  • Changing your relationship with pressure and stress.

  • Understand why your environment is the biggest factor in causing overwhelm.

  • Learn effective negotiation skills to reduce pressure.

  • Learn about the latest tech to help with task allocation.

  • Usable tips and strategies to manage stressful situations.

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