Wellness Workshops

Putting people at the heart of your company and on the right tracks to proactively manage stress.

Financial wellbeing

Achieve financial wellbeing without sacrificing your happiness.
90 Minutes

Conflict Resolution

Work through conflict and come out smiling.
90 Minutes

Managing pressure

Achieve greatness without feeling overwhelmed.
90 Minutes

Bouncing back

How to grow from failure/defeat in a constructive way.
90 Minutes

Building resilience

Reflect and learn whilst remaining positive.
90 Minutes

Be More Productive

How to achieve more work in less time.
90 Minutes

Focus & Deep Work

Maximise your potential to grow and be productive without distractions.
90 Minutes

I have worked for Alex on numerous projects and he is a pleasure to work with. His key strengths are collaboration, creative thinking and his ability to influence. Alex is approachable and values the input of others by creating environments which allow the sharing of ideas. He has the ability to take control of any situation and gives clear direction if needed.

Alex is brilliant for developing ideas and delivering these in new and creative ways. This is especially relevant when selling compliance requirements to the business where Alex brings personality and creativity the subject, making it interesting and at the same time delivering the end goal.

He is very focused on his personal development both in and out of work and encourages personal development within his teams offering support and guidance.

Jonathan Paine, Jet2

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