Wellness Retreats

Unplug from it all and rediscover your focus on a Big Smiles mini retreat. Each getaway features concentrated dose of expert sessions, personal coaching and R&R rolled into a single weekend.

We’ll put you in-front of some of the sharpest thinkers on the planet, give you practical advice you can put into practice and even take you surfing.

A truly life-changing experience, you’ll have everything you need to take charge of your mental and physical health for good.

Included in our wellness retreats

  • Premium accommodation Hotel & Spa
  • World-class coaching team
  • Safe and supportive programme
  • Post-retreat buddy system
  • Spa facilities included as part of the accommodation

Why attend our wellness retreats

  • Totally relax from the pressures of your busy working life
  • Enjoy great food, conversation and support
  • Challenge yourself in a safe environment with a knowledgeable team

  • Make new connections with like-minded business professionals and owners
  • Be part of a support group and build lasting relationships
  • Boost your confidence to start new habits

  • Learn and apply new stress management skills to make you feel healthy and more productive

Health & wellbeing is a subject matter that Alex is passionate about. Understanding the emotions that drive people, supporting them to be the best they can be, and achieve everything they want to is Alex’s strongest asset. He has helped me to better manage the conflicts between a physically and mentally challenging home life and an demanding professional work life so I can win at both.

Alex has a genuine interest in people and understanding how their minds work, what their issues are and helping them to vision a successful future. He is then able to masterfully tease out underlying issues and give people the tools to be able to tackle problems or fears head on themselves, not fixing it for them, instead equipping people to deal with bigger challenges next time.

Georgina Hodgson, Head of Quality

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