Wellness Coaching & Stress Management

  • Do you feel like you’re capable of so much more?

  • Have you had enough of feeling overwhelmed by work and putting on hold the things you love to do?

  • Do you want to feel more in control?

  • Do you just want to be more productive and feel more confident to move forwards that next step in your career?

Our Coaching system has helped people make positive changes to their lives and reach their true potential. We can offer you a coaching system that is based on building wellness and success.

This system is called The Path to Wellness and its for anyone who wants to enhance their wellness: who wants to be more productive, inspired, resilient, engaged. It is based on six key wellness pillars. By helping you understand the ways these pillars support you, you’ll be able to use them to find meaning and purpose, cultivate your resources, and be healthier and more fulfilled.

For you, our coaching goal will be to help you:

  • Switch off and relax from work related stress

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by the demands of work or business

  • Help your career progression

  • Make you feel able to take time off for family and friends

  • Offer you confidential support when you need it most


1 Coaching Session


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5 Coaching Sessions


*saving of £120 on the price of five individual 60-minute calls.

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Included in all plans

  • My honest, unfiltered opinion on your specific situation

  • Stress Management Assessment using HSE standards

  • Plan of action to follow through the programme.

  • A stress relief guide for the next 30 days

  • Phone or email me in-between sessions too.

  • Access to the bigsmiles.co tribe

Make positive changes to your wellbeing, workload and stress levels

Benefits of Wellness coaching

Our wellness coaching sessions give you the tools to become happier, more productive and resilient. This will include practical ideas and personalised support to transform the way you go about your business.  

If you’re burnt out and overwhelmed by work, or simply wanting to lead by example, you’ll develop the mindset and skills needed to achieve your wellness goals.

You might be a business owner, executive or senior manager. 

Overcome current work imbalances and stress points.

Tailored mentorship and support to your needs.

Actionable advice towards achieving your goals.

Guided by practical examples and best practice.

Increased job satisfaction and emotional intelligence.

Deal effectively with current and future challenges.

Alex has a genuine interest in people and understanding how their minds work, what their issues are and helping them to vision a successful future. He is then able to masterfully tease out underlying issues and give people the tools to be able to tackle problems or fears head on themselves, not fixing it for them, instead equipping people to deal with bigger challenges next time.

Georgina Hodgson, O2

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my wellness coaching?

Regular confidential conversations (on the phone) about your wellness progress and any new demands. Facing challenges together on an ongoing basis, we can help you to resolve issues and identify opportunities to improve your wellbeing.

We’ll kick things off with you filling out The Path to Wellness questionnaire and future aspirations to support a more in-depth conversation. Sessions will provide clarity and enable you to create a plan of action to help you succeed.

Why work with a Wellness coach?

Wellness changes everything. My mission is to help you conquer stress and to find clarity, perspective and balance in the way you go about your work. It can be incredibly hard to do that on your own when you also have a team to manage, a department to run or a business to build.

That’s why my clients can rely on me to support them through the challenges they face and to give them the tips and tools they need proactively control to their long-term wellness.

What do you need to know from me?

What you would like Alex’s help with, your current situation and suggested dates to kick start your wellness coaching.

What is the most popular plan?

Each clients situation and needs are different and require different amounts of time, we recommend our top package of £480 to get started which includes 5 consultations which can be once a week for five weeks, or once a month for six months. We can determine the frequency together based on your needs and goals.

What happens when I enquire

When we receive your interest or booking, we’ll get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your call.

Book A Free 15-minute chat

Ask all the questions you need to discover if Wellness coaching is for you and to embark on your first session with full confidence.