Wellness Audit

The workplace has a big impact on how productive, happy and healthy we feel. Our Wellness Audit uncovers your company’s existing stress points and identifies employee wellness wins. Our premium package goes even further: getting closer to your employees and working with leadership to make the required changes happen.

Basic features:

  • 40+ point online survey across your business
  • Detailed Report outlining recommendations and actions

Premium features:

  • Initial set-up meeting to understand your focus areas
  • Detailed desktop review of policies, employee data, training and wellbeing support
  • Set scope, content and approach to wellness and stress survey
  • 1-day focus group session
  • Telephone interviews with teams and individuals
  • Highlight employee pressures and aspirations
  • Identify the cost of poor employee health and wellbeing
  • Recommendations to create a positive happy workplace
  • Help set future company/team-wide wellness and stress priorities

  • Business case evidencing the return on investment

Duration: ½ or 3 days
Format: online and face-to-face
Cost: from £1200

Alex is a natural leader he is attracted to situations that others may deem “impossible”. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex for the past 18months during which time I respected his willingness to close the loop, reinstate order, and clean up messes. Alex has been key in my development during my time in his team. Alex worked with me to position myself in a way which best supported the team but also best utilised my skills he was always quick to celebrate my achievements and quick to push me on improvements.

Marcus Gallagher, Sky

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