Happier employees

Healthier teams

Proven business results

Happy employees don’t just fulfil their own potential, they make for more profitable and respected companies. Big Smiles are on hand to support executives and organisations to embed wellness practices in their own careers and working practices.

For individuals, this comes in the form of personalised coaching programmes and unplug-from-it-all getaways.  For our corporate customers, we deliver wellness strategies and workshops that create inclusive cultures and more resilient workforces.


Business Wellness Audit

The workplace has a big impact on how productive, happy and healthy we feel. Our 40-point plan uncovers your company’s existing stress points and and identifies wellness wins.



A refresher in creating positive and supportive work environments. Our one-day workshops will help you to put people at the heart of your company and proactively managing stress.


Stress Management Coaching

Practical ideas and personalised support to transform your leadership skills and regain control over your own workload. Ideal for anybody wanting to boost energy levels, build confidence and lead by example.


Wellness retreats

Unplug from it all and rediscover your focus with one of our mini retreats. A concentrated dose of expert sessions, personal coaching and R&R rolled into a single weekend.

Need something more bespoke? We can do that too.

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