Do you ever feel like your day-to-day work is slowly draining you?

The moment you turn around, you realise that it’s been years since you started to feel the lack of energy, purpose, and any real drive at what you do.

The feeling that you’re not achieving your highest potential, but you have no idea what to do about it.

You don’t know what’s holding you back nor can you spot your personal barriers and break through them.

The routine is always there, the people are different, but the problems stay the same.

How can I talk to the people I lead? Who am I even kidding– I’m not a leader at all. I was just thrown in this position.

It’s like taking fire from all sides. You have no idea how to protect yourself, because like most people you fear failure and being labeled as incompetent. But work shouldn’t be about constantly taking cover. Work should be something that offers you the chance to use your strength, develop new skills and stretch your knowledge. Its where you see the opportunities all around you.

Just imagine waking up every morning with that tingly feeling of excitement which leads you to try out a fresh idea at work, channeling your creative ideas into strategies and projects.

And that’s why I want to show you how to turn a pretty good life into a tremendous one.

Our schools and universities don’t teach us the necessary skills to lead and manage people. This leaves us confused and directionless. There were many times when I had no idea where to start.

How do I communicate ideas to the people that work for me?
How do I provide feedback?
How do I influence them?
How do I find any meaning in all of this?

All of these problems come and they come at once, leaving no room to slowly start working on them. And the residue of unsolved problems and uncertainty builds up immediately -stress.

Stress at workplace

As the song would say, “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.” You are just like that, except that you carry around that stress everywhere, even to your home. Usually, the people who provide the biggest support in our lives are the ones who get the shortest straw.

We take it all out on them to make us feel better.

Nod your head if this ever happened to you.

You’re probably thinking, is there a solution to all of this?

I’ve had the same question and that led me on this path. And the answer I found was the cornerstone of Big Smiles.

Why we do what we do

Most companies know what they do.
Some companies know how they do what they do.
But only a handful of them knows why they do it.

When Big Smiles was started, it wasn’t just a company which would do mental health training. Big Smiles is all about the future that we envision. A future where people work with purpose and creativity to achieve extraordinary results in both their work and in their life. A future in which a productive and great workplace is a happy one.

We believe that the future of the modern workplace are happy employees.

People who are happy tend to be more creative, productive, and engaged in the work than their peers. By one Gallup study, happy employees are 41% less likely to be absent from work and have increased productivity by 17%, 60% less likely to change jobs (turnover rate), provide 20% increase in sales, and 10% higher customer satisfaction.

The numbers are staggering… but then you take a look at a regular workplace.

When you take the current workforce into account, where 85% of employees are disengaged in what they do, you can clearly see the benefits of making your employees happy (and engaged).

Big Smiles is all about believing people can make a difference by being more productive, creative and happy.

And the first step toward that is to help people grow.

How do we do it

We believe that the key to a happy workplace and happy employees is understanding why we get stressed and anxious and then, to relieve that through wellness and growth.

Because it’s everywhere in the workplace. From the way we do meetings, to reporting, to communication with peers and employees. And don’t get me even started on the way stress affects your performance and happiness.

Back when I was working as a line manager, stress was the closest thing I had in my entire life because it followed me everywhere. It wasn’t something which happened sometimes, somewhere. It was like my shadow, constantly behind me, scaring me with its threats.

And I know what you might think, that sounds just like me. Stress effected my performance and my personal life.

But then I understood why it happens and the first step to my growth was there.

Kelly McGonigal taught me how to think positively about stress. She even helped me see stress as performance enhancing.

Robert Sapolsky told me that stressing about your mortgage payments is the same biological response as fighting off a lion. And Shawn Achor showed me that hard work and success doesn’t equal happiness. In fact, happiness doesn’t need success. It can be achieved through daily positive actions.

You can imagine how this could make your personal and professional growth skyrocket.

Because of all this, Bigsmiles decided to fight stress in the workplace and help people understand where it comes from, why is it manifesting the way it is and how you can deal with it. We do that through coaching of managers and employees. It showed itself as a method which works effectively.

One of our clients, Michael Rippon from Raindrop Digital, said the following:

“Big Smiles helped me understand why we get stressed and anxious. The major changes we implemented as part of the 5-week coaching solution have made a real impact on day to day activities within the business. We now follow a very strong wellness first approach and this has improved productivity within the team.”

We know how stress works and we fight against it effectively. Here is how you can do that as well.

What do we do

When you see the world, you can understand it.

When you understand it, you can start to change it.

So we at Big Smiles help you not only see the world of stress at the workplace but we work with you to accept it and then use it.

We work with people one-on-one who want to accept stress and how to handle it. We do that through a five-week long coaching program.

Also, we work with businesses who want to create a workplace where employees are happy employees.

If you are experiencing stress at work (and if you read all the way up to here, then you do), there is a proven way we can help you relieve it.

Because we know how it feels. We’ve been there multiple times, where you sit down at your desk and feel trembles from stress. It piles up until you can no longer handle and then, you explode on the people who had nothing to do it.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Remember, your life is changed by your actions.

And here is how to get a hold of your stress through action.