I won’t waste your time here! Entrepreneurs like you don’t need an in-depth take on why wellness works.

And grabbing a chocolate bar every now and again isn’t going to hurt.

The real problem is knowing when to change your leadership style and lifestyle habits to optimise your performance.

But what if I told you that it just comes down to 10 key wellness habits.

That’s right, these top 10 wellness habits can help you transform both your business and personal wellness.

The great news is you have the intelligence and authority to make these changes.

Remember you wouldn’t serve up junk food to a Formula One Team every day or micromanage every oil change. That’s because you know it would damage long-term health and motivation.

Wellness comes from taking a whole person approach – it’s like this…

The more you can live life around these 10 habits the more you’ll be motivated, energised and feel more aware of your environment.

I’m not saying that you need to change everything in your life, but it might be that you need to finetune your eating habits or delegate more responsibility.

So here’s the list of 10 wellness habits that will allow you to tweak your lifestyle. Take this opportunity to take a pitstop and choose the ones which you feel are really holding you back, and simply…


…and in no time you’ll be back on the track tearing around the circuit

The Top Ten Habits for Success

1. Remember your key values

If your business goal is purely focused on the financial success you could find yourself totally neglecting what you really value e.g. spending time with family or your health.

Take some advice from Ph.D. Tim Kasser  Professor of Psychology at Knox College who is an expert on values.

He tells us that dozens of studies show that people who prioritise materialistic (financial success) values are less happy, less satisfied, less content and less able to experience joy. This means you can become more depressed, anxious and you’ll be more likely to engage in the use of substances like cigarettes and alcohol.

Don’t end-up like Ebenezer Scrooge suffering necessarily from unnecessarily.

Make a positive change.

Include a business goal which is personal to you (support a community project .. ) and provides the balance to help you thrive.

2. Get the right team

Recruiting and promoting people into roles can be difficult.

You need to focus on selecting employees for roles which match their strengths rather than trying to fit a person into the role. “It’s about top talent which passionately fights mediocrity,” says Pradeep Sharma, the CEO of Invide Labs.

If you get this right you’re more likely to see an increase in retention and fewer issues with performance.

3. Delegate responsibility

Having an agile business which meets customer demands means allowing valued employees to make key decisions.

Give away more responsibility, don’t be tempted to undermine or control employees.

Do it like Richard Branson.

He runs 200 business worldwide and hires his best people based on their personality, experience, and transferable skills. He also credits having a strong purpose and for people to share your passion.

So what are you waiting for hire and delegate!

You’ll be rewarded with an empowered team and satisfied customers, allowing you more space for strategic thinking or time out.

4. Take risks

Calculated risks help grow your business – and can boost your staff morale. Give employees the opportunity to put forward ideas.

Allowing staff more autonomy will enhance their loyalty, nurture personal growth and reduce stress.

That’s how Google Drive was invented and what do you know, your employees might even design the next Facebook.

5. Avoid isolation

Leadership can be a lonely business. The late Professor John Cacioppo studied the effects and causes of loneliness for 20 years.

His research showed that feeling isolated and lonely can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Other studies have shown that loneliness has the same effects as obesity and that loneliness causes a significant amount of depression and anxiety in our society.

The solution?

Make an effort to create mutually supportive friendships or find a support network.

You’ll soon realise that community is vital to wellbeing. If you reach out you’ll benefit from supportive, caring and stabilizing relationships from friends and partners.

Leading you to reduce your likelihood of depression, improve resilience and optimism.

6. Deal with negativity

Some of the top entrepreneurs in the world train their brain to deal with negativity.

According to the Harvard Business Review, they use meditation to draw out negative thoughts and use their awareness to ground themselves in the present moment.

Find a teacher or use an App like Headspace and commit to a daily practice.

7. Switch off


If you struggle to relax and switch off from all those distractions and demands, the best option is to hit the gym, court or pitch.

Do something which gets you out of breath, puts you with other people and makes you focus on the activity. Mark Cuban does cardio, former president Obama plays basketball, and Anna Wintour plays tennis.

After exercise, find a quiet space to relax and switch off.

8. Technology

We all suffer from technology overload. There is even a National Day of Unplugging! 

We scratch that “what am I missing” itch on average every four minutes. Switch off mobile notifications and check your emails less than three times a day to help you focus on your goals.

9. Mental Health

Encourage employees to have an open dialogue about mental health issues at work. Share your own experience of how you deal with stress.

You’ll instantly feel more connected and get their attention.

10. Food

Energy drinks, processed food, and caffeine should be limited.

We’re back to that high performing Formula One car!

It can only run properly on the best fuel, and so can you!


I’m sure I’ve triggered something in your mind with this blog and you’re now feeling inspired to make the positive changes in your lifestyle to get results.

Remember you don’t need to do it all at once.

Make it a 12-month plan to slowly bring in the changes and see the results.

Change the easy things first and build up to those that scare you. As you succeed you’ll find the confidence and the motivation to push yourself.

And look for help from colleagues, family, and friends.

You don’t have to do this alone.

If you need more support then why not check out our services where we can offer you coaching or wellness workshops for your business.

Leave us a comment. Share this blog so we can support other entrepreneurs.